LED billboard of approximately 60 m2 in one of the busiest locations in the city center will broadcast a maximum of 6 clients in each advertising block 24/7.
An LED billboard of approximately 60 m2 has been placed on the facade of the Nušićeva Business Center office building. This advertising space is intended for advertising clients who want their advertisement to be seen at a premium location by those coming out of the Terazije tunnel from the direction of Brankova Street, as well as passers-by on Dečanska Street.

This position for OOH advertising is recognizable not only by its dominant size but also by its vertical format. The LED display is of top quality and we broadcast client advertisements in 1-minute blocks, which means 6 clients. An animated video lasts 10 seconds.
The office building at Nušićeva 15 is located near the Republic Square, the Assembly of the Republic of Serbia and Knez Mihailova Street, and together with the surrounding streets belongs to the extra business zone. The gross surface area of the building is 3,590 m2. More details at the link.